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About Us

Our Story


Bitchfork are brothers Ch.tei and Meaty, and their sister from another mister Larva. They began writing brand new original music together in mid-2017, and soon realized this was a dream project. Against all odds they recorded the first Lizard Brain EP over the course of a year, and continue to create!!

What Inspires Us


Meaty and Larva as a songwriting team pen songs about all kinds of topics, from relationship troubles to political issues to the straight-up apocalypse. The band’s time creating and rehearsing music serves as an escape from the bullshit of everyday life. In addition to being bandmates, they are close friends/siblings who share, vent and make each other pee with laughter.

Our Influences


Bitchfork combines rock, punk, progressive and metal influences together to create a heavy but different sound. The shared male/female vocals of Meaty and Larva include interesting interplays and harmonies. Being seasoned musicians, they embrace the challenge of creating a full and complete sound as a three-piece raw rock band.

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